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GTA IV delayed until 2008

Shocking news hits as Take Two opts to delay the release of Rockstar's GTA IV!

Originally due this October (just hitting Take-Two's fiscal 2007), GTA IV will now not be released until the publisher's fiscal 2008 Q2, ending April 2008. Reasons for the delay have been put down to nothing more than it needing extra development time.

Take-Two didn't really elaborate on the delay other than saying it's "due to additional development time required to complete the title." And to think Peter Moore banged on about having it this side of Christmas, not that he's really going to care anymore.

In a statement CEO Ben Feder said, "Obviously, we are very disappointed to reduce guidance after having previously reaffirmed it. Other than a matter of timing, the movement of Grand Theft Auto IV does not compromise Take-Two in any way. We are in sound financial condition and have a great product line up. Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be the defining next generation video game action adventure."

Rockstar founder Sam Houser added, "The game is huge and is pushing the hardware platforms to their absolute limits. The top engineers from Sony and Microsoft are working closely with the team in Edinburgh right now, helping us to fully leverage the power of both platforms. As always, our goal is to surpass even the wildest expectations of the game's fans, and to create the ultimate high definition video game experience."

Chairman Strauss Zelnick concluded, "Certain elements of development proved to be more time-intensive than expected, especially given the commitment for a simultaneous release on two very different platforms. We all recognise that perfecting the game is vital and I can assure everyone it will be worth the wait..."

Back at out first look of the game the release date of October 19 for both Xbox 360 and PS3 still stood firm. When asked if there was any chance of the game slipping, our Rockstar rep said, "We're good at hitting deadlines but I don't think we see one or two weeks late as being 'slippage'."

Once that preview had gone live Rockstar quickly got in touch to tell us that the game is "100 percent on target to hit its release date and that there will be no 'slippage'."

Oh dear...