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Top secret Smash Bros. Adventure mode revealed

Brawl to pack a "complete side-scrolling action game". Screens and footage released

In what is easily the best Smash Bros update yet, it has been revealed that Smash Bros. Brawl will be much more than a fighting game, with a fully-fledged single-player side-scrolling adventure mode crammed into the package.

"People have been kind enough to praise its multiplayer, but we've never been able to create a fully fleshed out single-player game," said series creator Masahiro Sakurai. "This time, though, we've managed to create a complete side-scrolling action game. Its storyline isn't overwrought-it's hastened along by a bunch of quick movies," he added.


The Subspace Emissary is the name of the new adventure mode in which you set out on story-driven quests that are different for each character.

As Sakurai explains: "The Adventure mode also emphasizes character development. You'll see many famous characters persevering under the weight of their personal histories, shouldering their unique burdens... It's really something you won't see anywhere else."

The side-scrolling action stages, which look absolutely awesome in the first screens below, are broken up with short cutscenes that push you through the progressing story of that character.

Check out the screens below, then swing over to the official site for a short video.