Id's Rage revealed

"It's more than just a first-person shooter" - Id's stunning new franchise revealed inside UPDATE: Video inside!

The big announcement to come from that other PC gaming convention (the one with rocket launchers and space marines) is Id Software's Rage, its new gorgeous FPS running on the Carmack's Id Tech 5 engine.

"It's more than just a first-person shooter," promised id CEO Todd Hollenshead. "We will show vehicles and racetracks, driving and racing elements."

"It is an action-oriented game but with a lot of adventure elements. It will be story driven, but you can also choose your own route to go through things."

The game's story revolves around an oppressive "machine" you're rallying against. While the game will obviously have plenty of indoor and outoor shooting elements, you'll also be able to race and cutomise your own vehicle.

"We've been helping out with Quake 4 and with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, but we wanted to do something new and different and get everyone's creative juices flowing," the Id boss explained. "That's the impetus behind this. id is a studio that has the ability to launch new IPs and give people something new and not have to swim as much upstream."

Apparently the engine has been designed to work on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 using identical media on each platform. According to Hollenshead, this means developers will no longer have to dedicate 150+ man teams to creating a multi-platform game.

"Rage looks the same on all four platforms. It's all the same media, it's the same art, literally" he said. "It's damn hard to do that, but if you're a genius you'll figure out how to do it and that's what (Carmack) has done."

It's looking frickin' gorgeous too - and in 60fps, according to Hollenshead. Hopefully this'll erase the slightly-disappointing Doom 3 from our memories.

Watch the trailer for yourself here.