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Project Gotham Racing 4

Interview: More fun less realism

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That's not the only way to earn vehicles though; sometimes you'll be invited to special manufacturer invitationals...if you succeed you keep the prize.

What influence, if anything, have you drawn from Microsoft's other racer, Forza Motorsport 2?

Ward: We haven't really drawn any influence from Forza, as our design was finalised before they came to market. It's nice to see them make use of features like Photo Mode and online Tournaments, which are things that we're really kicking into overdrive with PGR4...

How will you make sure that the bikes and cars are on a level playing field?

Ward: Our dynamics team has been hard at work for literally months working on all the subtle implications of cars and bikes racing on the same track. This is something we just didn't have the time for with PGR3, so we're very confident that we'll have nailed it before we ship number 4.


We haven't actually announced the specifics of how the vehicles will interact on the road, specifically with regard to crashing and car-to-bike collisions. I want to wait until the current version of the game is absolutely locked down and final before talking about it in detail, as our dynamics guys are still hard at work balancing the game and tweaking the values until they fit perfectly.

What about the new Gotham TV? Can we expect any improvements in the vein of Halo 3's saved film system?

Ward: Possibly (smiles). Gotham TV has been souped up due to the use of Microsoft's new Xbox Live Content Server (we're the first title to use it). It's now called "PGR On Demand", and it's certainly got some very interesting features. We're talking more about PGR On Demand in a couple of weeks time.

The PC has moved firmly back into Microsoft's plans once more. Is there any chance of PGR4 making the crossover?

Ward: That's really a question for Microsoft, not Bizarre. However, our internal shared tech systems are running across several platforms including PC so we're more than capable of doing so.

And surely, Geometry Wars 3 will be bundled in as well, right?

Ward: We're playing our Geometry Wars cards close to our chest right now. As you know, we've just announced Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Nintendo platforms, GW:Mobile for mobile phones, and we've recently released the game onto Steam too. So there's a lot going on, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the Xbox 360...

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