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Euro Eternal Sonata demo in September

Namco Bandai's demo will be heading our way next month, while the US gets it now

Major Nelson sends word of several rummagings on Xbox Live this morning, including two (US only, sigh...) new demos and a (very) minor system update.

The system update, says Nelson, prepares your Xbox 360 for the wireless guitars that are being released in a few months time - and that's it.

As for the demos that we can't play, they'd be the lovely-looking Eternal Sonata and the officially rubbish Vampire Rain. The first weighs in at just under 600 MB and is yours for sampling if you're sneaky enough to have a US or Japanese XBL Silver account.

As for when we'll get the Eternal Sonata demo, Atari says it'll arrive on the European Marketplace in September, sighting good old localisation work as the reason for its tardy arrival.

UPDATE: Atari's UK op has contacted CVG to let us know that in order to get the Eternal Sonata demo onto Euro XBL Marketplace, it's required to translate the demo into French, Italian, Spanish and German first. That, apparently, is the reason for the delay on our end.