More shots Medal of Honor's DADDY

Just over half a dirty dozen new shots of the best-looking MOH game yet

Medal of Honor: Airborne is being touted as the best game in the long-running series by our chums over at PSM3. Make up your own mind with this these new shots.

You might have come here only expecting some news screens of EA's upcoming Medal of Honor stunner but it'd be rude not to let you know that there's a full preview you may have missed right here.

It comes from the pages of PSM3, who says of the game: "Medal Of Honor is back to its best after a lacklustre string of PS2 sequels. The open battlefields and non-linear mission structure set it apart from main rival Call Of Duty and the balls-out, action-packed shooting is more reminiscent of something like Half-Life than previous games in the series."

If that tickled your fancy hit the link above for the full banana.