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C&C "revolutionised" today

Epic Tiberium Wars-related revelation in the works - UPDATE: It's an erm, telly program

EA has sent out a small teaser image that suggests there'll be some form of announcement happening today (August 8) related to the RTS, Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars.

The latest instalment of EA's long-running strategy series has been doing the rounds on PC and Xbox 360 for a few months now. And as far as console RTS games go, it's one of the best (read the review here), despite the pad getting in the way of things a little.

Later today we're told to keep a look out for an announcement involving the Tiberium Wars portion of the franchise. The obvious guess would be to call it as an expansion or add-on to the game rather than a PS3 version but who knows?


Whatever gets announced today is bound to make an appearance at the Leipzig Games Convention in a few weeks time. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: EA has released a teaser video revealing... C&C3 Battlecast TV, which looks to be a bit like Match of the Day for RTS fans. Well, we didn't see that coming... well it be any good? Find out on August 14.