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Apart from the usual stupidly-fast sense of speed and ultra-destructive crash sequences the PS3's technical muscle is being used to create Burnout Paradise's fully free-roaming, unseen in other racers, open world, which is enough to give any racing fan palpitations.

It's still promised for the end of 2007 as well.

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Gamers often say that graphics are far less important than gameplay. True, but Lair is one example of how fantastic visuals and sound can have a massive impact on your gaming experience.

Factor 5 clearly still knows how to get a console's chips ticking; this is most technically impressive PS3 game we've played to date, with thousands of enemies on screen and massive, rolling environments with tons of detail. It could also (finally) be a great demonstration for how to properly implement SixAxis controls.

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Unreal Tournament III

The most stupidly-gorgeous shooter of the year is exclusive to PlayStation 3 - and it's packing full mouse and keyboard support as well. Still planning to spend £400 upgrading your PC?

On top of the tride and tested deathmatch formular, this time around UTIII is packing a full-on single-player campaign as well. We're not expecting anything like Gears of War, but online play alone guarantees this'll be the top-tier PS3 shooter.

Prep your rockets on the UT3 game page.



Another promising shooter is PS3 exclusive this year; Free Radical's long-coming amber FPS Haze. The game puts you in the role of Jake Carpenter, a soldier who works for the Mantel Corporation, which means he has access to high-tech vehicles, kick-ass weapons and performance enhancing bio-medical support. Excellent.

There's also a proper four-player co-op mode in there, so it's looking to be quite an impressive shooter package from the TimeSplitters boys - and certainly one to watch.

Find out more on the Haze page.

This is an updated version of a feature we ran at the start of the year.

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