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Wii: The Ones to Watch

Article: Nintendo saves the best for Xmas

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From what we've seen on the game so far it looks like great fun - the new-age Track and Field, if you will. Only this game will have you swinging, shaking and waving the Wii Remote in all sorts of ways. Could this be the party game of Christmas? Hopefully Sega can pull it off.


Geometry Wars: Galaxies

We could rant on about how awesome Geometry Wars is all day. If you've played it you'll know what we're talking about - unless you're a girl and can't play it, like CVG's very own Andy Robinson.

Everyone who owns a 360 should own GW Retro Evolved, and soon everyone who owns a Wii should get in on it too. The best thing about Galaxies is that it's so much more than a port. There're new ships, guns and levels in the fleshed-out single-player Galaxies mode, numerous two-player versus and co-op options, and cross-platform connectivity with the DS version. Basically, we're all over that.

Our only concern is if the game can pack enough content to warrant the cost, considering Kuju confirmed to us that it will definitely come on a disc, not via a Wii Software (Wii Ware) download.

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