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Interview: Pro gaming has matured

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Pilkington: It sounds obvious but good CGS games have to be competitive. It's super-important that they are watchable even if you're not playing the game yourself - and if this wasn't the case we probably wouldn't be televising the event. Just like football, motor-racing and any kind of arena fighting are sports with clear winners.

Although slightly more challenging as a TV proposition, Counterstrike is the biggest competitive team-based games and that makes it massively exciting to watch.

What about Wii games? Surly that would be more of a visual performance than someone sat at a PC playing clicking a mouse?

Pilkington: For the future, it'd certainly be interesting if the Wii console were to become part of CGS. As a spectacle it will be fun but some of the Wii's best games are sports based and competitive in nature which makes them perfect for CGS. We'll be looking again at the choice of games for next year's series.

What games are you looking forward to being used in the show? Is there a 'perfect game' for TV in your opinion?


Pilkington: There are lots of great games for TV but watching two really great FIFA players going at each other on a huge screen in the CGS arena is awesome.

We heard Sky has signed a deal with Valve Software for the massively popular online game, Counter-Strike. Can you tell us anything more about that?

Pilkington: The CGS has signed an agreement to broadcast Counter-Strike matches internationally. CGS has exclusive rights for the use of Counter-Strike on shows that create and produce competitive gaming events and tournaments for television.

CGS has also struck exclusive long-term agreements with two of the world's premier Counter-Strike teams, complexity (coL) and Team 3D (3D). It's great to for the CGS to have such a massive game, with such a well developed player based as a centre-piece to the championship.

It might be a long way off but do you think we'll ever see a Sky gaming channel be as popular as Sky One?

Pilkington: That's a big challenge but we're sure that CGS will be a major step forward for gaming on TV. We are convinced it will be popular with everyone from those who just failed to make the teams, right through to those who don't play games but fascinated by the skill, competitive spirit and personality of the players involved.

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