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Trauma Centre girls invade CVG - PICS INSIDE!

Nintendo visits with scantily-dressed nurses to celebrate Wii Trauma Centre launch - Womens' rights take a knock inside

What do you do when a pair of scantily dressed nurses turn up at your desk? Get the cameras out, that's what!

Games usually land on our desks in padded envelopes but Nintendo redefined the meaning of special delivery by getting two lovely ladies dressed as nurses to hand-deliver PAL copies of Trauma Center: Second Opinion.

Unfortunately, they didn't have time enough to stay and check out our beating hearts. Andy had his top off ready and everything.

These kinds of situations aren't supposed to happen in an office environment; if these girls were serving us tequila shots or pushing in front of us in the Kebab shop, we'd know exactly what to do. Here the lines a blurred. Are we allowed to call them darlin' or not? Is that sexual harassment?


HR rules also won't allow the kind of mood-breaking hollering we learnt drinking in Romford. In the end we just squeezed them into a photo and sent them packing. It's probably for the best. Pics below!

(Look out for PC Zone's Will Porter getting an eyeful in the background - naughty, naughty)