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Haze breaks out new shots

Five new snaps from Free Radical's FPS for your viewing pleasure

Free Radical's first-person shooter Haze debuts on PS3 this year - before spraying bullets on other platforms in 2008 - and here's five new screenshots for ya. Take a gander...

Haze is a shooter set in a near-future where the government has outsourced military operations to private multinational corporations. You take on the role of Jake Carpenter, a soldier who works for the Mantel Corporation, which means he has access to high-tech vehicles, kick-ass weapons and performance enhancing bio-medical support.

Free Radical director David Doak has said previously that one of the developer's key goals with the game is "to make people think" in addition to "pushing the bar with gameplay and presentation".


He explained, " Haze we're trying to examine more the feeling of the soldier. If you're fighting in a war, you need to somehow justify your actions, so in Haze we actually cause the player to question that to some extent".