PC Gamer's Best 100: 50-01

Ten men, 100 games, and every one a winner.

The concluding part of our Top 100, containing every entry between 50 and 1.

The first part, containing entries 100-51, can be found here.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournament is more than FPS deathmatch. It comes laden with extras: vehicles, alternative fire-modes, objective-based play, even a futuristic take on rugby called Bombing Run. And with the mod support, you'll never run out of things to play - even for the original (and best) version.

Tom: "It just bristles with vicious, oddball weaponry. Even its shotgun is a ricocheting shrapnel-belcher. The glob-spitting Biorifle and the Shock Rifle's connecting fire-modes make it the most satisfying and intricate competitive game out there."

Star Wars: Tie-Fighter

Set shortly after the battle of Hoth, TIE-Fighter lets you release your inner bad-ass. Flying the far-cooler-than-an-X-Wing ships, many missions had you working for the Vader himself. Get hold of the special edition for the improved graphics.

Tim: "Grip the shaft. Don the mask. Breathe heavily. Yes, there's something deeply sexual about becoming Lord Vader's right-hand pilot. Deeply sexual, and fun."

Warcraft III

Everyone thinks Blizzard make cartoon games. That's not entirely true. Behind the hand-drawn animation of this RTS is the dark tale of a prince driven mad by his own shortcomings, and his descent into genocide.

Tim: "Warcraft III's highlights are in its multiplayer matches. Alongside the standard RTS base building and resource collecting, you have to level up your heroes and hunt down the enemy's. It leads to fantastic Benny Hill-style chases as hordes of skeletons rampage after over-sized cows."

Beyond Good & Evil

Sure, you beat stuff with a stick, but beautiful heroine Jade is far more interested in capturing bads in a photograph. A fantastic action-adventure game wrapped ina remarkable story, with a pig that'll make you cry.

John: "Jim and Cobbett pestered me to play this for the longest time, and I thought they were made. They weren't. And so what if I cried a bit when Pey'J got into a bit of bother. DON'T JUDGE ME."

Guild Wars

What do we like to do in MMO games? Punch each other in the face, and accompany our friends on epic adventures and last-ditch assaults. Guild Wars boils off the fat of massively multiplayer games, leaving pure fun. The world-instancing can make it feel like the game's treating you and your chums as true heroes.

Kieron: "Guild Wars is a gamer's game, all pure interactions and room for personal expression and strategy. You don't have to pay a subscription fee either, which makes it a sensible gamer's game."

Far Cry

'Club Tropicana, Trigens are free. Fun and sunshine, there's a gun for everyone.' Releasing the FPS from its murky corridors, Far Cry's mutant-infested islands gave us a minor revolution of AI, freedom and, most of all, foliage.

Tom: "The freedom to scout out your objective, tag enemies, then boat around the entire area to pick the perfect angle of approach through the hilly, dense jungle works as a satisfyingly methodical appetiser to the hilariously OTT action."

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