New XNA Game Studio now fit for hobbyists

XNA Game Studio 2.0 packs both professional and hobbyist-level development tools, plus Live support

If you're into coding those little 1s and 0s that make videogames possible, you'll be pleased to know that the new XNA Game Studio 2.0 will not just be for the professional crowd but for hobbyist programmers, too.

The new version of the 360 development app is penned in for a pre-Christmas release, and will amalgamate what was previously planned to be two separate packages (the hobbyist Game Studio Express and professional XNA Game Studio).

"We made the decision to make one Game Studio. We think everyone should have access to the same tool. There should be no friction as you move from accessible development to professional development," said XNA general manager, Chris Satchell.

The new XNA package will also allow users to build Xbox Live features into their games, reports Develop, including voice chat support and matchmaking.