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Deal death to dinos who make Jurassic Park look like Legoland

The last thing you'd expect from Disney is a gore-soaked action game about man-eating dinosaurs. Where are the cute talking animals, comedy sidekicks and a ballad-heavy soundtrack performed by Elton John? Surely one of the 'raptors should at least belt out a catchy song-and-dance number before ripping Turok's throat out.

Ah well, looks like we'll have to make do with this savage shoot-'em-up instead, which sees Turok and an elite squad of soldiers known as Whiskey Company pursuing his former mentor Roland Kane. Kane has gone rogue and assembled an army on another planet, but as Turok and his team approach, they're shot down by Kane and crash-land in a jungle swarming with dinos and enemy soldiers.


Although the Turok games have a reputation for being no-brainers, this one's a little bit different.

Creeping about
You'll need to hide in the shadows and pick your moments to attack, otherwise enemies will sound the alarm and attract both extra team-mates and dinos. Sometimes it's best to use your bow from distance, other times it's easier to crouch through the tall grass and use your knife, and if you're really smart you could attach a silencer to a machine-gun and blast a nest of dino eggs, causing one very angry parent to attack the first group of enemies she sees. Or how about firing a sticky grenade at a pack of 'raptors to turn them into offal?

Like Resistance, every weapon has a secondary fire mode, for example the shotgun can fire flares to distract dinos, so there should be loads of room to experiment.

When you're knocked to the ground by a reptile and staring death (or at least massive jaws) in the face, the game switches to a third-person button-pressing mini-game.

Follow the on-screen button prompts correctly and you'll not only escape from being pinned to the ground, but you'll also gut the dino with your trusty blade. The same mini-game is also triggered if you manage to stealthily attack a dino, ending with one of a handful of gory, but victorious, finishing moves.

Factor in an online 16-player multiplayer featuring man-eating dinos and we might just have a Turok to give the series a welcome kick up its leathery arse.