What's at Leipzig GC?

Article: The games and announcements expected at Leipzig

Huzzah! It's August again, which can only mean two things; the sun has finally decided to shine (briefly) on the British Isles after a disastrous summer, and CVG is about to put its shoes - and spines - to the test by trying to make a stupid number of back-to-back Games Convention appointments on time. We're already missing July...

This year Leipzig GC (read our recent feature if you haven't the foggiest what that is) is arguably the most important event in the gaming calendar behind E3 as well as the only (aside from TGS).

Every high profile game, developer and publisher is out in force, showcasing this year's phenomenal Christmas line-up and lifting the lid on some of the 2008 games we didn't get to hear about at E3. That's what it looks like being anyway.

It's going to be an exciting show for gamers, and CVG will of course be doing the rounds to bring you the big news, interviews and hands-on impressions as quickly as our tired and overly-sausage-filled bodies can get the words on the internet. What should you expect to appear on your monitors from 2007's German bash? Here's what we know so far...

A frag fest


Last year's event focused on the looming next-gen consoles but this year is all about big first-person shooters. By the end of the three days of pain and drinking, we expect to have played Haze, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Unreal Tournament III - and maybe even some other big name games we care not mention. (cough)Killzone(cough).

These blasters are all going to be competing for your cash in a few months time, and you can expect a full rundown of each - plus plenty of comparisons - straight from the German-filled show floor.

Lots of new games
We already know about more than a handful of big titles being unveiled at the Leipzig event, many of which we're told should definitely be looked forward to. Take Two for one is set to reveal a "new first-person shooter for PC and next-gen consoles", according to a developer presentation schedule leaked to the internet. It makes perfect sense as well since its two big guns The Darkness and Bioshock will be on the streets by the time of the show. Look for the first details on this mysterious blaster next week.

Microsoft's cross-platform revealed
Microsoft is going to make an announcement, and it looks like it has something to do with Games for Windows and Xbox Live cross-platform play. How do we know this? Site of Champions, the MS viral site promises "something" will happen on August 22 - the opening day of Games Convention. That how.

The company is also set to showcase even more of its holy Christmas trinity PGR4, Mass Effect and yes, Halo 3. Price cuts seem to be all the rage at the moment too...

As for the reveal, at the moment speculation ranges from a PC vs. 360 tourny contest to an entirely new game altogether. We probably won't have a clue either way until the news hits, but look out for full details plus commentary from Microsoft right here when it does.

EA wants ALL your money


Electronic Arts has a truly spectacular line-up for the next 12 months; at Leipzig GC it'll be showcasing Crysis, Half-Life 2: Orange Box, Burnout Paradise, FIFA 2008 and many more. It'll also be offering the press (that's us) its first chance to go hands-on with Will Wright's Spore, possibly one the most shockingly ambitious games ever conceived. Who knows? The publishing giant might even drop the odd announcement or two. We'd be perfectly happy with just Spore though.

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