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Rein: DVD size limiting UTIII on 360

"We may have fewer maps on the 360 version", says Epic's Mark Rein, before praising Sony's Blu-Ray

The Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III might have to be cut down due to limitations of the DVD format, says Epic's Mark Rein.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Rein said: "We'll compress some things. But you know, we may have fewer maps on the 360 version... Blu-Ray has definitely given us a lot of legroom."

The Epic VP added, "If you think down the road, well maybe the next UT beyond this one, on Blu-Ray disc, we might fill the whole damn disc with all the cool stuff the mod makers make."

Is the DVD format starting to show its age then? Sony's championing of Blu-Ray has had its critics, but if developers start slapping meatier versions of their games onto the HD disc format, we might see a whole lot more people interested in shelling out for a PS3.

Frankly we can't see why Epic can't just slap Unreal Tournament III's beefed-up single-player onto a second disc.

In related news, Epic's Jeff Morris has said that a UT III PC demo should be out around a month before the developer finishes work on the game. By our reckoning that means late September/early October.

Source: Xboxer