Red Steel 2 out before Christmas?

Leaked release schedule pens Red Steel sequel for November

Although it's widely considered to be inevitable, Ubisoft is yet to officially confirm that it's working on a sequel to the Wii launch game, Red Steel, yet the game will be on shelves by November according to a leaked retail release schedule.

The list of EU releases, supposedly from major online retailer GameStop, has dates for numerous titles that are yet to be officially nailed down by their respective publishers, with Red Steel 2 down for a November 15 release.

That would make it one hell of a turn-around for the game to go from unannounced and unseen to on sale so soon.

The list also pens Super Mario Galaxy in for October 15, which far sooner than Amazon UK's November 30 ETA. Sooner rather than later on that one, please Nintendo.

Interestingly, the same list has Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Wii Fit all down for February 15 next year (currently officially "early 2008"). Three big titles launching on the same day? That would appear highly unlikely.

Pass the salt...