Why buy an Xbox 360 Elite?

Article: Is it really worth the upgrade?

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For potential Xbox 360 owners, the choice is all about lifestyle. Are you going to download (and by 'download', we mean 'rent') lots of HD movies from Video Marketplace when it appears? Are you one of the few people that actually plans to use the Xbox 360's media playback, or would like to download - and keep - loads of demos? For this rare, peculiar type of gamer the Elite is an obvious choice.

Do you absolutely need a HDMI port right now? Does the idea of spending 50 quid on some black paint sound attractive to you? These are all questions you must ask yourself when considering your Xbox 360 SKU.

As we've established above you're certainly getting what you pay for with the Elite, but does HDMI really make that much of a difference and are you going to use even a small percentage of that 120GB? No - not for now at least.

Without Video Marketplace and a plethora of gigantic DLC streams on Xbox Live, the Elite is just a bit too far ahead of its time. Once the movie and television download service finally launches on our end before Christmas, you could be filling up your drive at that rate of 1GB per TV episode - at which point an Elite-sized hard drive becomes essential.

For now though we recommend opting for a Premium console and shelling out for the larger HDD when the time comes. 20GB is more than enough for what Marketplace has to offer, but in a year's time it might be a completely different story altogether...

Note: This is an updated version of a feature from earlier in the year

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