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How Haze multiplayer works - in screens

Better to know your stuff early, this is going to get dirty...

Coming exclusively to PS3 this November is Haze, the new shooter up next from Free Radical Design. We've got a bunch of new screens that show off the tricks of the multiplayer game.

Designed as a multiplayer experience first and foremost, the developer's sent over new screens that show you what to expect from the multiplayer game, which the team has big plans for.

As you're probably already seeing, the shots walk you through various features of gameplay that are vital to success. Everything you see here can also be done in the single-player campaign mode. Don't forget to write that down too...

The screens reveal new skills such as overdose, traps, Nectar grenade, Nectar knife, Nectar pack shot, play dead and weapon steal. Browse the shots in the screenshot viewer to your right.

More Haze goodness soon.