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Brothers in Arms gets cross-platform multiplayer

Gearbox making use of Epic's new deal with GameSpy for PC-PS3 online play support in Unreal Engine 3

Gearbox Software is one of a number of developers to already take advantage of a new PC-PS3 cross-platform online play solution that's been integrated into Unreal Engine 3.

In a nutshell, Epic has licensed GameSpy online tech and squeezed it into its hugely popular UE3 technology, "enabling seamless PlayStation 3 and PC online functionality. Functionality available to Unreal Engine 3 licensees via GameSpy will include cross-platform gameplay, communication tools and competition applications."

Codemasters' alternate-reality WWII game Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is another title to make use of these new features of Unreal Engine 3, which in addition to cross-platform play between PC and PS3 include the likes of GameSpy's online matchmaking service, stat crunching solutions for leaderboards and tournaments and community features.

Does this mean Epic's Unreal Tournament III will feature cross-platform support for PC and PS3 online blasting? Well that's still up in the air. When we spoke with Mark Rein recently he said "It's a feature that technically works today, but whether we enable it or disable it... is still a question".