Turning Point - first gameplay video

Witness the chaos of Codemasters' impressive World War shooter

You'd be forgiven for being sick of World War II sims, but this is different. Codemaster is putting a spin on history with Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, and this is the first gameplay footage of the unique shooter in action.

You don't play as a soldier, but as an average citizen and so the whole emphasis of the game is completely different to typical WWII shooters - you're not a hero, you simply want to survive. You don't have loads of guns and grenades - only what you find, and you try more to avoid fights rather than pursue them.

We saw the game at Codemasters' Code07 event earlier this year and came away impressed. Its chaotic scripted action sequences and emphasis on desperate survival put an interesting edge to the intense gameplay.

Check out our huge preview of the game, after you watch the in-game trailer to the right, of course.