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It's snowing new Lost Planet PC content

Four new multiplayer maps joined by DX 10 enhancements and new chat features

Capcom's beefed up the PC version of its shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition with a new multiplayer map pack and additional new features.

Available via Steam, the new map pack "includes Battleground (an abandoned town scattered with rubble from ruined buildings), Lost Technology (a tribute to 8-bit games), Ruins, (ancient ruins set amidst a lush jungle), and Ice Drop (a glacier with plenty of peaks, nooks, and crannies)".

A new chat feature that's been added "includes four default messages that can be sent to other players from the game lobby or while playing", while the update also includes DirectX 10 enhancements - "Specialized DirectX 10 Geometry Shaders improve overall visual quality through better depth of field effects and improved motion blurring and fur shading."