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The Week Ahead - 24/08/07

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Madden NFL 08 (PC/360/PSP/PS2/DS)

Lauded in the States as the best Madden to date this all new package contains a clever Read and React system whereby on-field icons display opponents strengths and weaknesses in any given situation. The animation, play selection and detail are exceptional and there's even the ability to take the managerial reigns and construct your own stadium, hire and fire staff, even set the ticket prices. Channel 4 may not broadcast NFL games any more but this is enough to convert us Brits.


Hardware: Xbox 360: Elite (£299)

It comes with HDMI output (up to 1080p), a 120GB hard drive, wireless controller and headset, HDMI cable and Xbox Live Silver membership. But best of all? It sports a luscious matt black finish. While not an essential purchase - especially with the Premium system's new price cut - this certainly looks better under your TV set. Read more about the Elite here.

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