Tabula Rasa collector's edition detailed

Exclusive in-game items. And a briefing from General British - aka Richard Garriott

For all the collector's edition whores out there, details have been spilled on the extra content appearing in the special edition of MMORPG Tabula Rasa (and the game's release has been confirmed for this autumn).

So, pick up the Tabula Rasa Collector's Edition and you'll receive the following: exclusive in-game items; a special character emote; exclusive dye recipes to colour your armour; a unique pet; a briefing from Richard Garriott's alter-ego in the game, General British; classified maps; an Allied Free Sentients (AFS) field guide; Tabula Rasa dog tags; an AFS challenge coin; and finally a special edition poster to cover over that ripped wallpaper. Phew.

Plus, the Collector's Edition includes a 'making of Tabula Rasa' movie. It's mentioned too that the CE comes with one month's free play, but surely you'll get that with the vanilla edition as well. That's the MMO norm, anyway.

Tabula Rasa is an MMO that combines traditional genre elements with full shooter action, and drops players into futuristic war.