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Cosplaying Lara

New costumes for Ms. Croft

One of the best in-gags in gaming history is the 'Lara Nude Cheat'. For all the old Tomb Raider games, Core would leak a cheat that claimed to turn Lara naked. In reality, once you'd managed to pull off the complex moves, your only reward was to watch your heroine violently explode with a scream, her arms, legs and head flying off in different directions.

Gone are such innocent times, thanks to the mod scene. Now you can have Lara look any way you wish in TR: Anniversary. You can use your own skills to create an outfit, or download pre-made togs from All you need is TexMod, and the costume files (with the extension .tpf) which we just happened to have put on the disc for you. Next step: dressing Lara in a PCG subscriber T-shirt.


Original Lara
How can you improve on this? Legs that aren't anatomically impossible would be a start.

Tiger Lara
A dream-come-true for furries, or a tribute to Calvin & Hobbes? Whatever. It's just plain weird.

Even better than Kristanna Loken in Uwe Boll's awful film, Lara is hawt as a redhead goth.

Mystique Lara
Maintaining her modesty, good work has been made of outfitting Lara as the X-Men's nemesis.

I-Robot Lara
Wash the memory of the horrid film from your mind, by dressing Lara up as a shiny robot.

Nudey Lara
No Tomb Raider is complete without the troubling nude patch. And yes, they wobble.

Rayman Lara
The legs didn't quite disappear for us, but the thought's there. Sadly her hands don't kwa-ping!

Aren't you a little buxom for a stormtrooper? Another missed opportunity by George Lucas.

Cyborg Lara
Looking more than a bit Borg, Lara kitted out like this is surely invulnerable to attack? Um, no.

Ice Lara
Cold eyes, awesome hair, and a really uncomfortable looking leotard. So hot.


1. Install and run TexMod from the disc. Select tra.exe from your TR:A directory as 'Target App'.

2. Unzip the tpf file, and then click TexMod's 'open' button, and select the costume you're after.

3. Play with one at a time, as otherwise they try to combine and it all goes a bit bonkers.

4. Click 'Run' and TR:A should whirr into life. If it's worked, Lara will be dressed up in the menu.