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Metroid Prime 3 going cheap

You'll pay a fiver less than expected for Samus' huge new quest

We wouldn't hesitate to slap 40 quid on the counter for one of the biggest Wii games of the year, yet Nintendo will be flogging Metroid Prime 3 Corruption for £35.

Nintendo clearly wants the third episode of Samus' FPS series to do well, having released a dedicated Metroid Prime 3 preview channel on Wii, and put demo pods in US shops in the run up to the Stateside release, and now revealing that it'll be five quid less than the average Wii game over here.

It also emerged this week that MP3 will have an achievements system that resembles the 360's, and could mark the start of a new feature in future Wii games.

Samus' latest mission kicks off in UK on October 26. Get it pre-ordered.