GC: Seven new Assassin's Creed shots

Roof-hopping, swashbuckling, back-stabbing, attention-grabbing Assassin's Creed

We got hands-on with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed at this year's E3 and found it very enjoyable, so don't be concerned by reports you may have read or heard on the game not living up to hopes. Have some new screenshots.

So the game's plot goes, it's 1191, the climax of the Third Crusade, and our hero Altair and his brethren are attempting to stop what they see as an unjust war between the Christian Crusaders and the Muslim Saracens. And their method of preventing more rhesus positive being spilt across the Holy Land is a series of brutal and targeted political assassinations on both sides. The idea being that the deaths of these nine war profiteers will bring peace to the region.