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Dark Sector dated for UK

Digital Extremes' gore fest set for a New Year killing spree

There are a shocking number of awesome games coming out this Christmas, so it's definitely good for your wallet that Dark Sector will miss the festive season, with its UK release on PS3 and 360 set for January 22.

Dark Sector looks great. The sinister third-person action game packs a moody atmosphere and the intriguing, power-absorbent, triple-bladed glaive puts a unique twist on the fighting and puzzles.

"We loved the camera in Resident Evil 4, and it's a really well paced game too so that was a really huge influence," product manager, Josh Austin, told CVG earlier this year. "The other major influence for Dark Sector was Zelda, for the puzzles and for another example of great pacing," he added - a surprising influence for such a gory game.