GC: Rumbling SixAxis announcement tonight?

Sony expected to discuss rumbling SixAxis following today's fresh rumours...

CVG has heard whispers from the Leipzig Games Convention show floor that Sony plans to speak about a rumble-enabled SixAxis during its press conference a 5pm (GMT) today.

It's been strongly rumoured today that the new rumbling SixAxis is near-enough ready for release, and will be compatible with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which is out in Japan in October, suggesting shaking pads could go on sale before Christmas.

This rumour is further supported by the main image (pictured) on the official Japanese GT5 Prologue website, which mysteriously places below a car the dark outline of a PlayStation controller.

There's no visual evidence that it's anything other than the usual SixAxis, but why would Sony put that there if there wasn't something significant about the controller itself?

Sit tight - we'll be at Sony's conference with our typing fingers poised for action. Check back at 5pm.