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More MS hardware overheating

Offers free power adaptor replacements after overheating Xbox 360 Wireless Wheels

Just as the commotion over faulty Microsoft hardware finally dies down, the computer giant is forced to take further action as it has emerged that Xbox 360 Racing Wheels have a tendency to overheat.

Good 'ol Microsoft, always keen to hastily rectify hardware screw ups, is offering a free adaptor replacement to everyone who owns a Racing Wheel after reports that it causes overheating.

"The action is being taken after Microsoft was informed of a very small number of incidents of a malfunction in the Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel, where a component in the Wheel chassis may in rare cases overheat and release smoke when the AC-DC power supply is used to energize the Wheel," Microsoft explains.

To get your replacement you should visit or call 0800 587 1102. Microsoft advises that you not use the adaptor until you receive your replacement.

"There have been no reported incidences of fire, personal injury or property damage due to the component failure in the Wheel," Microsoft points out.