GC: First screens of 'Hello Pretty'

Shots and info on Eidos' Highlander game. Don't lose your head - badumtish. (Fired - Ed)

Eidos parent company SCi has been sitting on a Highlander license since September 2004 and it's taken it nearly three years to finally unveil its first Highlander title (under the Eidos brand).

Naturally we're hoping from plenty of gratuitous decapitation, but such details are obviously absent.


Still, what we do have is word that Highlander will be a third-person action-adventure that finds you strapping on boots as an Immortal who is battling rival Immortals through the ages.


It's not mentioned if it will actually be Connor MacLeod/Nash who we'll be playing, but Eidos does say that the game features 77 characters, some familiar from the movies and TV series, some new.

Anyway, wielding katana, claymore and double sword (a sword with two blades, we guess) you'll be slicing your way through 18 missions and four environments - near-future New York, feudal Japan, Pompeii post volcanic eruption and the medieval era Highlands.

Eidos also talks of nine "navigation" features (dagger climbing, ropes, dynamic ladders, swan dive, freefall, traverse climbing, cannonball, beams and ziplines) and Quickening techniques you'll get access to - Resurrection, Chi balance (stamina), Weapon Mastery (Fireblade, Wind Fury, Stone Armour), Channelling the Source (charge up for powerful attacks).

Unfortunately the first screens are all a bit rubbish and only environment shots, but we've uploaded them here for you to view.

Highlander is due out next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.