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Mario Galaxy video walkthrough #1

Feature: See an entire level played from start to finish

You can read about Super Mario Galaxy until you go blue in the face (and you should have by now) but to get a true idea of how amazing it is, you really need to see it moving.

We thought of you guys as we sat happily playing through the latest version of Miyamoto's outer space stunner and, wanting to share the wealth, we filmed four entire levels from start to finish for you to drool over.

We'll be delivering more levels in due course but we start today with the Egg Planet Galaxy.

Keep your eyes peeled over the weekend for a special Mario treat.


Egg Planet Galaxy: The Prehistoric Piranha

You may recognise parts of this level from videos of the demo shown at E3 2006. The Egg Planet Galaxy features absolutely dozens of small planets, meteors and other small entities floating in the open blackness of space.

You start off on one of the larger surfaces in the level, made interesting because of the light green surface on one side that's contrasted with a darker rocky environment underneath. We love the way the camera flips over, keeping Mario conveniently in view without us having to do a thing.

Next up is a small island that requires us to pick up five star shards to create a larger star that will shoot Mario to the next area.

And right at the end of the stage we take on what seems to be a new, dinosaur-like version of Petey Piranha.

So that's five minutes of gameplay to watch right now, and check back over the long weekend for more Mario-themed heaven.