GC: Ninja Theory hoping for Heavenly Sword 2

We want to do the sequel, Heavenly Sword dev reveals to CVG - but it looks like the final word's up to Sony

Development on the beautiful PS3 bruiser Heavenly Sword has finally wrapped up after four long years. It's definitely left developer Ninja Theory in a good mood as well, because they're already thinking up ideas for a sequel - but it looks like the final word is up to Sony.

"We'd certainly like to do the sequel with Sony but nothing's been set in stone," chief development ninja Nina Kristensen told CVG this afternoon. "We're looking to expand and do new things but certainly we want to continue the Heavenly Sword franchise."

Reviews for the Sony-published actioner are just starting to trickle in from Magazine land and it looks like good news. CVG's paper friend PSW gave it and 8/10, and similarly high scores are trickling in from the US.

Has Ninja Theory already got sequel ideas on the table then? "Yes and we can't talk about them." Damn.

Heavenly Sword is out in September.