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Microsoft readying 'new' Xbox 360 for autumn?

Report suggests revised-hardware Xbox 360 will start shipping in a matter of weeks

A 'new' Xbox 360 from Microsoft, which previous reports have stated carries the codename 'Falcon', will begin shipping this autumn.

Well, that's according to a confident report on The Mercury News blog anyway, which seems to say that the revised Xbox 360 internal hardware - or Falcon - will feature in new versions of the Premium console units that sport an HDMI port.

Microsoft will apparently gradually phase out the 'older' Xbox 360 and replace it with the new Falcon-based model. No surprise there.

The new Falcon model, it's said, features new central and graphics processors that are manufactured in a 65-nanometer production process - as opposed to the older 90-nanometer processors in current models.

This basically means that the chips are smaller which brings with it a range of benefits: cheaper production cost; cooler running temperature; increased reliability and increased space within the console.

An imminent release of the Falcon Xbox 360 could well explain the recent price cuts we've seen for the console.

We've put a call in to Microsoft to get confirmation on this info and are waiting for a response. However, we expect it'll be the usual "We don't comment on rumour and speculation".

We've received a response from Microsoft: "Updating components is common practice within the industry. Microsoft does not comment on these upgrades."

[Source: Mercury News]