Mario Galaxy video walkthrough #2

Feature: The little-seen Cookie Factory Galaxy

There's no bigger game than Mario Galaxy in the works for Wii right now, so CVG took a camera down to Nintendo's plush office and filmed four entire levels from start to finish.

Despite all the coverage of Mario's next quest flooding the internet and magazines, very little is mentioned of one truly amazing stage: the Cookie Factory Galaxy. But we're going to take you on a tour from beginning to the end.

Part one of our video walkthrough feature took you through the Egg Planet Galaxy, where we soared through space and fought a new boss: a dinosaur-like Petey Piranha. But that's old news now...


Cookie Factory Galaxy: Conquering the Sweet Cake

The Cookie Factory Galaxy is one of best levels we've seen in Mario Galaxy yet, and an important demonstration of the variety of play to feature in the full game. It's totally old-school.

This is traditional, straight-forward Mario platforming, where your objective is none other than to get from A to B, with a series of tricky platforming obstacles between you and the finish. It's just like those bonus platform challenges that made up the best parts of Super Mario Sunshine, only much better. It's a nod to the 2D days...

There's no illusion of freedom here - no open fields, no multiple paths, no flying; just you on a linear path and plenty of hardcore jumping skills to be done. And, as old-time Mario fans will notice, the background music is taken straight out of Super Mario Bros. 3 - level 1-2, we believe. Awesome.

We would honestly play an entire game simply made of dozens of levels just like this. It's fun and challenging too, we died multiple times before getting the gist of it. There'll be plenty more linear levels like this in the wider world of Mario Galaxy. We can't wait.

Enjoy the footage, and look out for more on Monday.