29 revealing No More Heroes screens

See bike riding, bosses and Wii controls in the bizarre Killer 7 follow-up

It's difficult to imagine exactly what type of game the abstract-looking No More Heroes will be, but this hefty batch of screens should give you a good idea.

Travis Touchdown, a lethal assassin and the guy who you take control of, must take out the world's best killers to achieve his aim of becoming the best assassin alive. You can see him taking on one of those assassins in these shots, in a heated lightsaber battle with a psychotic-looking female with a giant grey afro. We imagine some sweet Remote action in these battles.

You can also see him on his bike, racing through fairly bland-looking streets in a city that looks huge, and wandering into some of the venues in the search for his next kill.

We'll hopefully be getting more higher-res screens and a hands-on with game before its Japanese launch later this year. It's not expected over here until after Christmas.