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New NFS Pro Street shots

Latest batch of Pro Street shots makes smoking look cool

One of the big new features of the new Need For Speed: Pro Street, believe it or not, is tyre smoke, and EA is keen to show off its flashy smoke effects with these new drag racing screens.

The impressive tyre smoke effect springs into action as your tyres screech along. This kicks up a blinding amount of smoke that first plumes off the tyres to the rear of the car, then slowly forms a ring of smoke inside the wheel arch of the car - just as in real-life burnouts.

The density of the smoke gets so think that it's blinding - a factor which EA says can be used tactically during races. If you have someone on your tail you just pull off some hefty power slides to smoke up your opponent's vision, making his race a lot harder.

Check the gorgeous new screens, then read our hands-on preview for more.