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Will Blizzard ever develop a second MMO?

" a company we'd be very interested in further exploring the MMO space", Jeffrey Kaplan tells CVG

Since Blizzard's MMORPG based on its Warcraft fantasy universe has smashed right through the success barrier, the question has lingered whether World of Warcraft will be the first, and last, word on the genre from the developer.

Success usually breeds follow-ups but it's a different state of play with persistent-world games that could carry on indefinitely.

While WoW's popularity continues unabated the developer would be shooting itself in the foot with the release of a second MMO today. However, Blizzard always has one eye on the future.

"As far was working on another MMO project or a WoW 2, obviously as a company we'd be very interested in further exploring the MMO space", World of Warcraft lead designer Jeffrey Kaplan revealed to CVG.

Kaplan said Blizzard doesn't have "anything official" to talk about regards further MMO exploration currently, but he explained the developer is "definitely looking towards the future as well."

But how far ahead is Blizzard looking? Until WoW is on a speedy decline in popularity? Would a second MMO be a World of Warcraft seuqel, or a Diablo or StarCraft MMO?

So many questions, to which there's currently not any answers. However, feel free to speculate like crazy in the comments field below...