New Half-Life: Ep2 video - spoilers included!

CVG shaky cam jumps in to action for latest Half-Life 2: Episode Two demonstration

Valve's latest Half-Life 2: Episode Two presentation, shown off at Games Convention last week, doesn't look to be going online any time soon - but fear not; here comes the patented CVG shaky cam to save the day!

Apologies in advance if our excited shaking causes you nausea, but if you can hold back the sick you should be able to see some new gameplay footage and reasonably hefty Episode Two spoilers in action.

You've been warned; don't watch the video if you don't dig the spoilers.

The Orange Box, which also includes Team Fortress 2 and Portal, is out on October 19. Look out for an interview with head Valve honcho, Gabe Newell, in the coming days.