Halo 3 spurs Fox in to action

First two seasons of Family Guy coming to Xbox Live arcade - 20th Century Fox's first release on Microsoft's box

Mega studio 20th Century Fox has revealed plans to make its first video release on Xbox Live, seemingly spurred by the massive expectations for Microsoft's own Halo 3.

The first two seasons of Family Guy (that's the one that's still not as good as The Simpsons - ooo, controversial) will be available for download from Xbox Live beginning Monday September 3.

"With the launch of Halo 3 and the launch of the new season of Family Guy coming out, the timing really worked well for this one," said Jamie McCabe, executive VP at Fox, noting that the two's shared 18-34 demographic is "about as perfect a demographic fit as we can get."

And we don't blame him for notcing either; Microsoft forecasts a record breaking $155 million (£77m) opening weekend for the third Halo - that's a lot of young blokes to sell your telly to.

There's no concrete word yet, but we're assuming the episodes will be available as part of the US Video Marketplace, which is yet to reach European shores. Episodes from the seasons as well as the DVD movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story will go for 160 Microsoft points each (£1.36) - significantly cheaper than XBLA Double Dragon.

We've waiting to hear back from Microsoft on the UK situation - when they get back to use you'll be the first to know (apart from the cleaner - he loves Family Guy).