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CoH: Opposing Fronts beta key giveaway

Update: All 300 keys have gone...

CVG has teamed up with THQ to give away 300 beta keys for the imminent Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts beta test.

Update: All 300 keys have now been snatched up. They didn't last long at all. We'll leave this page live though as it includes instructions on how to access the beta if you're one of the lucky ones. Have fun!

Please note that you won't be able to use the keys to download the beta client until tomorrow, August 31. THQ has provided the following instructions on how to access the beta:

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Sign up with a FilePlanet/Gamespy account or login using a pre-existing one
  3. Enter (1) password provided in this email
  4. Agree to the User Agreement
  5. Get Key Code from FilePlanet
  6. Download Game from FilePlanet
  7. Install game and input Key Code provided from FilePlanet
  8. Create a Relic Online account (a new Relic Online account must be created specifically for the Beta; you cannot use any pre-existing CoH accounts to play the beta.
  9. Play game

A stand-alone expansion compatible with the original game, Opposing Fronts focuses on Operation Market-Garden and the battle for the liberation of Caen, France, during World War II. Players will command the British 2nd Army and the German Panzer Elite in missions.

In addition to the new single-player content, Opposing Fronts features new multiplayer modes and will support DirectX 10 out the box.

Relic's first Company of Heroes game was hailed as one of the finest RTS titles of all time, meaning anticipation for Opposing Fronts is burning hot. It's due out on November 11.