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Interview: Bizarre reveals PGR's two-wheeled contenders

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How does Kudos fit into bike racing? Can you rack in the points by doing wheelies around the track?

Ward: Yep, Kudos is awarded for quite a few new things related to bikes. Wheeling, doing endos, and powersliding all give kudos. Also doing stunts on your bike earns you kudos, because wheeling past an opponent whilst standing on your seat and waving your hands in the air is so much more stylish than just a regular overtake.

Are there going to be new events specifically for bikes, or will current events cater for both kinds of vehicle? Car cone challenges would be easy on a bike...

Ward: We've actually done a bit of both. In Arcade Mode (the traditional medal pursuit style area of PGR4) the entire game is split down the middle. Each event has two medals: one for cars and one for bikes.

Gotham Career is a different beast. Every event is a "race", and it's up to you whether you take a bike or a car to the race day. If you decide poorly and take the wrong vehicle for the job then it's not a big deal. That was just a bad day in your career and you must do better next time.


Gotham Career is more like racing in the real world, you have good days and bad days but it's your consistency which will decide whether you truly deserve the number one spot.

A lot of PGR 3 tracks are returning in the fourth game. How have you had to modify them to accommodate the new vehicle type?

Ward: We've done a few subtle things, but nothing huge. We still want the areas to remain familiar to PGR3 gamers; sweeping changes aren't the order of the day.

Between the motorcycles and the dynamic weather, there's more than enough gameplay enhancements to mix up the dynamics and provide a new challenge.

Some of the smaller changes we've made are technical optimisations, racification (changing barrier layout and road markings to aid gameplay), and also adding a much larger ambient race vibe: expect to see lots more crowd, trucks, cameras, etc.

Which type of vehicle do you think will be most popular on Xbox Live? Admit it; bikes are cooler than cars.

Ward: (Laughs) well yeah, it's about a 50/50 split at Bizarre right now. I think that cars will be the most popular initially, simply because they are what people know and there are physically more of them in the game.

However, as people get used to the new bike handling and learn to maximise their advantages you'll probably see the usage swing around again. One thing's for sure, it's going to be very interesting...

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