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Mario Galaxy video walkthrough #4

Feature: Delving deep into the Star Dust Galaxy

Time to get all excited again. This is part four of our video walkthrough of Super Mario Galaxy and we've got another five minutes and seven heavenly seconds of gameplay.

Don't rush into it, though. Did you see the previous three parts of this feature? You should have - it's essential. We kicked off the tour in the Egg Planet Galaxy in part one of the feature where we battled a prehistoric version of Petey Piranha.

Then we moved on to the Cookie Factory Galaxy in part two; an absolutely amazing level that's often spoken about but rarely seen. It features hardcore Mario platforming to the sweet sound of a Mario Bros. 3 background tune.

And earlier this week we visited the gorgeous Honeybee Galaxy in part three - an open bee world that's easily the most similar to a Super Mario 64 stage. Yes, it's that good.

Now it's time to explore the Star Dust Galaxy. Enjoy...


Star Dust Galaxy: The Beam Star Trail

The Star Dust Galaxy takes us back out to the darker depths of space, where multiple floating entities of all different shapes and sizes make up a level of superb, gravity-manipulating platforming.

You can see the gravity stars in action here - blue stars that pull Mario through space in a bubble. To activate the stars you simply point the remote at them and hit the A button. If Mario is close enough he'll be drawn towards it.

It's a fantastic mechanic because you have no direct control over Mario once he takes off in that bubble. His movement is controlled entirely by the stars.

Bad judgement can leave Mario floating off into space, at which point the bubble bursts and he'll fall towards the largest gravitational pull in his immediate surroundings, which can often be a black hole of death.

And we've already seen this star-pulling mechanic used to amazing effect in a lava-filled galaxy in a previous (awesome) trailer, where you have to time your star activation to yank Mario past balls of fire when the window of opportunity opens.

Another fantastic demonstration of the gravity mechanics coming into play is the part where we're running around small globes to collect star shards.

To get from one globe to the other you just run Mario to the point that's closest to that globe and jump. As Mario leaps into the air he gets closer to the other globe, and you see the gravitational pull of that globe take over, flipping Mario round to land on his feet on the new structure. That's cool.

The end of our five-minute video is the real treat, though - a crazy platform section where floating blocks morph together right in front of Mario to form new platforms as he goes. And, although it's hard to hear, listen carefully and you'll notice the background music is the underworld theme from Super Mario Bros. 3. Sweet, sweet nostalgia.

And can you spot Captain Olimar's (from Pikmin) ship anywhere?