Retro Studios takes a break from Metroid

Begs the question of what's next though...

Retro Studios, the talented developer behind the FPS Metroid Prime games, is stepping away from the Metroid series now that the third game is done and dusted.

"We are taking a break from the Metroid series and from Samus", said series director and Retro, Mark Pacini.

"I'm sure there'll be other titles created, but as far as the Retro Studios is concerned, we're taking a break for a little bit," he said in a recent Yahoo interview.

After enduring a string of cancelled projects (most memorably Raven Blade for GameCube), Retro's fortune changed when it started working on the Metroid Prime series, with the first game launching on GameCube in 2001.

the studio has since been dedicated to completing the trilogy with the two awesome sequels. Eight years on one series - no wonder it wants a break. Will Bungie feel the same after the launch of Halo 3?

We doubt Nintendo will have such a talented studio sitting around doing nothing, so this begs the question: what else will it be working on?

There have been absolutely no hints as to what the studio will get on with now that Metroid Prime 3 is finished, but whatever it is, it's bound to be good. Look out for our Metroid Prime: Corruption review soon.