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The greatest gaming moments may have passed you by - PC ZONE fills in the gaps with our own nostalgic ramblings

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Ask anybody to name their favourite moment from Thief: Deadly Shadows and they'll blub the words: "The Cradle, boo-hoo-hoo, I was so scared. You know you don't even see that many monsters in it but it was still scary, how amazing is that?" Well, I think due attention hasn't been paid to one of the final levels in Ion Storm's sneaky thievery game - the one in which you completely clean out Wieldstrom Museum.

Throughout the game, snippets of information about the museum are dropped, specifically about how the architect continually boasts of its security. The headlines read: "Museum proves thief-proof. Would-be thieves dead."

This is more vault than museum, and it's full of the greatest and most valuable treasures the game has to offer. And being the master thief you are, you're going to do more than just pocket an ancient coin or two - you're going to swipe anything that's not nailed down with really big nails.


We can still picture the curator opening up in the morning to find an empty museum and a dozen unconscious guards who have no idea where all the shiny things have gone. There's no other point in the game that makes you feel like the first noun in the game's title more than this level does.

Aliens Vs Predator 2
Standout Moment: Face Hugger and Baby Alien levels

It seems that my eulogising about Monolith's thrilling fright-fest knows no bounds. However, breaking with tradition, I'm not even going to mention the stunning, terrifying Marine campaign or the brilliant Predator vs Marine multiplayer games. Apart from the fact I just have. Damn! OK, starting again from... Now.

Lurking in one of the game's dingier corners was a very confusing Alien campaign that comprised crawling through vents and becoming totally disorientated by your wall-walking abilities. However, before it all got, well, a bit crap, there came two of the most original FPS levels you're ever likely to play.

The first one cast you in the scuttling role of a Face Hugger, looking for a victim to jump on and impregnate. But that was just for starters. It's what came next that was the true moment of genius. Encased in a crimson cell with a heartbeat resounding through your headphones and unable to move, you'd slowly start to realise where you were.

Hammering the fire button, you'd begin hacking through ribs, cartilage and skin, bursting into the world to be greeted by the dying gasps of the security guard whose chest you'd just smashed open. Oh, and if memory serves, you also got to kill a cat and watch your little alien teeth chomp with your internal eyes. Brilliant!

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