Zelda DS video and sweet wallpaper

Check out the game, then Zelda-up your PC with sweet new art

The wait is killing us. The UK release of Phantom Hourglass is drawing nearer (October 19), and just in case you haven't seen enough of Link's lush DS adventure, Nintendo has launched a new official site with a bunch of new goodies.

We snapped up these sweet desktop pictures (below) instantly, temporarily replacing the lovely snaps of Jessica Alba sprawled out seductively on our screens with Link's cel-shaded awesomeness. Emphasis on the word 'temporarily'.

And you can swing over to the video section of the official site to see more of Link wandering around, chopping things and doing all sorts of cool Zelda-type stuff. Watching it is like self-inflicted torture, but you're going to do it anyway, aren't you?