Dead Rising 2 rumours resurface

Is it being shown at Tokyo Game Show? Is it coming to more than just Xbox 360? The internet thinks so

The Tokyo Game Show is coming up, which means the rumour fires surrounding what we are and aren't going to see are already well aflame - the latest title under the crosshair being a sequel to Capcom's Dead Rising.

According to internet reports, the sequel will be making a brief appearance at the Japanese event later this month, alongside Capcom's already announced lineup of Devil May Cry 4 and others.

Interesting, the always reliable word on the net says that the second Zombie basher won't be exclusive to Xbox 360 either, which backs up Capcom's commitment to getting the most out of its franchises.

If they do make the sequel, lets hope it doesn't share the first's stupid, bloody useless save system (... and breath).

We're currently chasing Capcom for its own speculation, but we doubt we'll have much to give you. The show kicks off on September 20 - we'll see you there.