PS3 Heavenly Sword bundle - France only

Sony confirms it's happening, but not on these shores...

According to reports this morning Sony Europe confirmed that a 60GB PS3 Heavenly Sword Starter Pack (that also included a copy of F1 Championship) would be making its way to Europe. Sony has since confirmed to CVG that this will be exclusive to France for the time being.

"The bundle pack with Heavenly Sword and F1 is for France only at this time," a Sony spokesman told us.

In the UK Sony sells the Starter Pack with an RRP of £425 but they offer gamers a choice of its five launch titles, this is known as a soft bundle. The French are getting what's known as a hard bundle, whereby the games come in the box and consumers don't have a choice.

There's every chance that in the UK Sony could decide to include more titles in its bundle choice. If you check out different stores you'll see that retailers do offer other bundles and games at different prices, but it's their choice.

Heavenly Sword is due out for PS3 on September 14.