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Manhunt 2 damages long-term rep of industry, says Braben

It's "not the sort of game" the industry should be making says Frontier Developments boss David Braben

In the latest interview of our Creative Minds series with industry greats, Elite creator David Braben has discussed the impact of violent games on the wider perception of the games industry.

"I think at the root of this problem is that there's still an expectation among parents that ESRB/PEGI/BBFC ratings can be ignored - possibly based on their experience of games when they were younger," he told CVG.

"There have been a few games that have strange ratings like Gears of War (18). That does not make sense to me. Why is it not a 15? Okay, there are some slightly gruesome bodies hanging up in the first section of the game, but this is no more than you'd expect in a 15 film like Alien Vs Predator or The Terminator films.

"This means that when a more genuine 18 comes along, parents assume it is no worse than Gears of War, and is perhaps why Manhunt 2 was banned, as they felt they could not give it the same rating as Gears. Having said that, from what I've heard of Manhunt 2 (I haven't had the chance to play it), it is not the sort of game the industry should be making, as it is inevitably going to attract controversy.

"While Manhunt 2 might have brought short term gain to Rockstar, it damages the reputation of the industry as a whole, long term. We do need a strong, consistent rating system, where 18 really means 18, and is enforced, and then it may be more acceptable to make such games, or to bring in an additional rating (as in the US) of Adults Only - which are only sold in very restricted places."

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